UXHK 2014

6,7 & 8 March 2014

User Experience Hong Kong (UXHK) is a learning event dedicated to bringing all product and service design disciplines together, from research, marketing, design, technology and the business to name a few, who are interested and passionate about designing great experiences for people and business for a better world for all.


Get inspired by experienced international speakers and local professionals.

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Kim GoodwinPatientsLikeMe
Jim HudsonPayPal
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  • Day 1 – Presentations & Conversations
  • Day 2 – Half day workshops

Day 1 – Presentations & Conversations 
Friday 15 February 2019
(1pm – 8pm)

2:00pmWelcome & Presentations

Get together, get outside, co-create
Marc Rettig
The era of heroic design and management is ending. The world’s complexities invite us to learn a new way. This will introduce approaches and methods that help people create better together: with each other, with other parts of their organization, and with their customers. It combines methods drawn from design practice, theater, the arts, group facilitation, and social innovation, and demonstrates the emerging practice of co-creation.

From Customer Insight to Great Product
Jim Hudson
Great designs do not guarantee great products. The challenges of producing products and getting them into our customers’ hands often waters down and winnows out great designs. Do you know what it takes to get great designs released into the market? Are you prouder of your design ideas or of your product launches? We will look take a look at the practical realities of how we can take great design thinking and turn those ideas into great consumer products.

Chart Your Path to Product Ownership
Bill DeRouchey
Designers often want to impact the world but first need that next career step, expanding from designing things to designing their success in the world. The key is to practice owning the product before you actually get that big promotion. Then when you move from UX Designer to Product Owner, your career possibilities open up to let you tackle the world. Start today!
Design Leadership
Kim Goodwin
A designer’s goal is to get great design into the hands of users. A design leader’s goal is to make that easier for the whole team. Design leadership takes many forms: building skills, providing vision, removing obstacles or finding a way to mesh good design practices with an organization’s cultural quirks. Design leadership builds on skills you already have: assessing human needs and coming up with a solution that fits. However, a leader doesn’t design in pixels, plastic, or code. She designs in process, project plans and importantly – conversations. In other words, effective design leadership doesn’t just happen; it requires thoughtful planning and execution.
The essential element of great design teams
Samantha Soma
Need a guaranteed way to produce better design results? Your most important people are sitting right next to you, frequently overlooked in the excitement of solving the design challenge you’ve been hired to tackle. Whether you’re co-located, or collaborating across the globe, understanding how you and your team work together is a design skill that’s as valuable as choosing the right users to interview, or knowing how to use the tools. Wherever you are in your career journey, this session will help you understand whom you’re designing with, so that you can turn your attention to what you can design together.
Interaction Design as the Language of Story: Contexts + Characters + Plots = Design
Dave Malouf
Humanity is at the heart of storytelling. Stories embed people within closed contexts that guide people through a collection of activities that lead them invariably to a climatic conclusion. Sound familiar? Great Interaction design is the creation of a set of moments taking people through a collection of actions bound by contexts that lead them to hopefully fulfill a goal. In design we need to demonstrate our understanding of people and contexts we are designing for and with, and illustrate the activities that will bring these characters to their most valuable and climatic set of experiences. We will use the framework and language of storytelling as your toolkit to help you design the architectural systems connecting your interfaces as well as creating and communicating the principles that go into the interface designs.
6:00pmDrinks, fun, networking
8:00pmEnd of Day 1

Day 2 – Half day workshops 
Saturday 16 February 2019
9am – 6pm (Lunch 1 – 2:30pm)

MORNING (AM) WORKSHOPSWorkshop 1: Get together, get outside, co-create
Marc Rettig
You will:
• Learn approaches to transforming group creativity
• Experience facilitation methods that deepen a group’s conversation
• Learn from case studies and project stories
• Practice making “social prototypes” – prototypes made of people
• Imagine ways these tools can apply to your own teams, projects, and organization
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Workshop 2: From Customer Insight to Great Product FULL
Jim Hudson
We will look take a look at the practical realities of how we can take great design thinking and turn those ideas into great consumer products and dive into:
• Root Cause Analysis: A framework for producing deep insights into customer problems and for communicating them with stakeholders.
• The Innovation Clover: A framework for building business cases that drive corporate action.
• Turning Inward: A case for conducting user-centered design on internal stakeholders.
• Relevant Differences: A framework for thinking about how to wisely use limited resources to understand customers when expanding globally.
• Avoiding “Me Too” Products: A framework for identifying factors that will help your designs stand out in a crowded marketplace
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Workshop 3: Chart Your Path to Product Ownership
Bill DeRouchey
You will:
• Learn why the product owners of the future will have a UX mindset, and why that’s you.
• Learn what you already know about being a product owner.
• Explore the one crucial product ownership skill that you may not have yet developed as a UX designer.
• Explore how this may work in agencies, small startups, or big corporations.
• Leave with a plan of exercises you can practice to get ready to be a product owner.
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LUNCH (1:00PM – 2:30PM)
AFTERNOON (PM) WORKSHOPSWorkshop 4: Design Leadership
Kim Goodwin
You will:
• Determine what design process best fits your organizational culture, design problem, and team skill level
• Identify team member strengths, skill gaps, and attitudes so you can be a more effective coach
• Find the best-fit design leadership roles for yourself or others on the team
• Make the most of teachable moments in individual conversations
• Develop a change plan for a more user-centered organization
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Workshop 5: The essential element of great design teams
Samantha Soma
You will:
• Develop skills that help you and your team perform better on your next design project.
• Learn how to assemble teams with complementary styles – or to adapt when this isn’t an option.
• Learn to recognize the potential underlying reasons of why people act out and how you can respond constructively.
• Cultivate the same level of appreciation and empathy for your colleagues as you have for your users.
• Use experiential design techniques, intentional engagement, and self-reflection to explore and extend the strengths you bring to your team.
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Workshop6: Interaction Design as the Language of Story: Contexts + Characters + Plots = Design 
Dave Malouf
You will learn:
• What is narrative structure, how has it been used in other media, and what value it has for the design of complex interactive systems.
• How to use the pieces of story telling as a scripting system for design.
• How to use improvisation as a way of understanding interaction design and a tool for experience prototyping frameworks of interaction design.
• How to write scripts for your prototypes and convert those scripts into interfaces.
• How to use tools of story telling such as comics and moviemaking as new communication and prototyping tools of interaction design.
• How to deconstruct your stories in order to create a set of design principles to be used as the guide for future critique deeper and higher fidelity interaction design.
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Bill DeRouchey


Twitter: @billder

Bill DeRouchey is a principal designer in the User Experience Center of Excellence at GE, primarily responsible for the user experience in a range of projects for GE Aviation. Before joining GE, he logged 20 years in the design and technology world, working in a consulting capacity for clients such as Texas Instruments, Baxter, Lexmark, Logitech, Sirius Satellite, Intel, Patagonia, Portland General Electric…View Bio »

Kim Goodwin


Twitter: @kimgoodwin

You may know Kim Goodwin from her bestselling book, Designing for the Digital Age. She recently became VP of User Experience at PatientsLikeMe, which uses crowd-sourced patient wisdom and medical data to improve healthcare. Kim spent most of the last decade as VP Design & General Manager at Cooper…View Bio »

Jim Hudson


Twitter: @jamesmhudson

Dr. Jim Hudson is the Global Head of User Experience Research for PayPal where he is responsible for delivering world-class customer experiences across 27 fully localized country websites.  Dr. Hudson leads a global team of eleven researchers distributed throughout four US locations, Paris, and Singapore…View Bio »

Dave Malouf


Twitter: @daveixd

Dave Malouf believes that strong observation skills bound to a cultural practice of openness to the unexpected is what drives the best creativity. He applies his focus on areas where technology has become the cultural determiner of a system…View Bio »

Marc Rettig

Fit Associates

Twitter: @mrettig

After an eager first career in software systems and an influential career in ethnographic research and interaction design, Marc finds himself confronting questions. How can we take all we have learned about business and technology innovation, and apply it to social and organizational innovation…View Bio »

Samantha Soma


Twitter: @sisoma

Samantha Soma manages the rapidly-growing user experience and design community at GE. She is responsible for evangelizing design strategy, and helping design and development teams interact better, learn from each other, and engage across the global organization…View Bio »



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