Andrea Resmini

Making Meaningful Spaces (15 Feb 2023, 1-2:30pm, Sweden time)

Andrea Resmini is associate professor of Experience Design and Information Architecture at the Department of Intelligent Systems and Digital Design at Halmstad University, Sweden, where he researches and teaches courses on IA and UX for blended experiences, digital / physical ecosystems, XR, and AI. An architect turned information architect, Andrea is a two–time past president of the Information Architecture Institute, a founding member of Architecta, the Italian Society for Information Architecture, the Editor–in–chief of the Journal of Information Architecture, and the author of “Pervasive Information Architecture” (2011), “Reframing Information Architecture” (2014), and “Advances in Information Architecture” (2021).

Susan J. Wolfe

UX Strategy (23 Mar 2023, 6-7:30pm Sydney, Australia time)

Susan has been involved in the UX field for close to 40 years, dividing her time between San Francisco and Sydney. In that time, she has practiced UX design, run consultancies, mentored project teams, and introduced UX design practices and cultures into organisations around the globe. Susan also shares her expertise as a teacher and mentor, directly driving the career transitions into UX for well over 500 professionals to date.

Upcoming Speakers

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