8 Global Online Learning Events throughout the Year + 1 Face to Face Learning Event in Hong Kong.

Event Schedule


Open To Other Perspectives
About building an appetite for understanding external perspectives and experiences in a manner that allows you to put your own associations aside and empathise more deeply with others. 

Creating a Shared Sense of Direction
About being able to help your team share and navigate individual agendas to arrive at a collective objective or goal.


Open to (Unanticipated) Possibilities
About finding a balance between plan-based approaches to work and openness to moments of intuition and new discovery.

Comfortable with Uncertainty
About cultivating an easefulness in situations that are hard to predict and control.


Broadening Perspectives
About developing approaches to consistently evaluate and expand your view of your work.

Building Rapport and Inclusiveness
About leveraging aspects of yourself to facilitate trust building and inclusivity.


Diversity in Connecting to New Networks
About practices in enabling new connections with people beyond the ecosystem of your work and identity.

Empowering Whole-Community Co-Creation
About the long-term participatory work required to shift an entire organisational culture.

Celebrating UXHK 10th Year Anniversary

To Celebrate 10 years of UXHK 

We have organised a series of global events throughout the year.

We will finish with a grand celebration in person in Hong Kong at the end of 2023. 

We look forward to celebrating at UXHK 2023 with you all.

Output from Everyday Learning Events

  • Project stories and real experience 
  • Practices to apply and insert meaning into what you do immediately
  • Opportunities to discuss project related problems more deeply with our speakers
  • Access to the Make Meaningful Work Practices Journal to build character, develop leadership practice to influence cultures
  • Join a UX community of practice.