Celebrating UXHK 10th Year Anniversary

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary we are pleased to announce 8 Global Online Learning Events throughout the Year + 1 Face to Face Learning Event in November 2023 in Hong Kong.

All 1.5 hour sessions will be facilitated over zoom  by our invited experts

We will finish with a grand celebration in person in Hong Kong at the end of 2023. 

We look forward to celebrating with you all.

Speaker Videos

Active Listening
Justin Dauer
Growing and Evolving
Justin Dauer
The Right Path
Geke Van Dijk
Adaptable Direction
Geke Van Dijk
Awareness of Meaningful Space
Andrea Resmini
Right Type of Vulnerability
Andrea Resmini
Meaningful Strategy
Susan J. Wolfe
Aligning Holistically
Susan J. Wolfe

Program Schedule

We invite you to join us in the “Make Meaningful Work Studio” so we can record, reflect on and action the practices and behavioral outcomes influencing your own project work.

Every event will provide:

  • Project stories and real experience 
  • Practices to apply and insert meaning into what you do
  • Opportunities to discuss project related problems more deeply with our experts
  • Access to the Make Meaningful Work Guided Practice Journal to build character, develop leadership practices to influence cultures
  • Join our UXHK community of practice.
Q1 – 2023 (registration open)

Session 1 – “Making Meaningful Spaces” with Andrea Resmini

15 Feb 2023 ( 1-2:30pm, Sweden time)(Hong Kong time – 8pm) Time Converter
Culture is the interactions and relationships between people in spaces (both physical and digital) and space is the root element of human behaviour.

Session 2 – “UX Strategy” with Susan J Wolfe

23 Mar 2023 (6-7:30pm Sydney)(Hong Kong time – 3pm) Time Converter
UX strategy is a blend of business strategy and UX design that fosters creating, developing, and deploying the right products and services to satisfy ‘users’ and the business alike.

Q2 – 2023 (registration open)

Session 3 – “Design Leadership” with Justin Dauer

10 May 2023 (6-7:30pm, Chicago time, USA) (Hong Kong time – 8am on 11 May 2023) Time Converter
Being in the position of design leadership—as it can pertain to championing design within an organisation or supporting those whom you manage and are in the craft—is an incredible opportunity.

Session 4 – “Comfortable with Uncertainty” with Geke Van Dijk

14 June 2023 (1-230pm, UK, Netherlands time) (Hong Kong time – 9pm) Time Converter
We often face complexity in projects and, when working on them, this can create doubt and fear in how to get a handle on the topic and the approach, and how to fully dive into it.

Q3 – 2023 (coming soon)

Session 5 – Social and Emotional Learning

12 Jul 2023 x (San Diego, USA, 5-7pm) Time Converter

Session 6 – Building Trusting Cultures

23 Aug 2023 x (Los Angeles, USA, 5-7pm) Time Converter

Q4 – 2023 (coming soon)

Session 7 – Creating a Shared Sense of Direction

27 Sep 2023 (UK, Netherlands, 1-3pm) Time Converter

Session 8 – Design Thinking: Shift Happens

19 Oct 2023 x (Hong Kong, 7-830pm) Time Converter

Celebrating UXHK 10th Year Anniversary

We will complete the year with an in-person event at HKDI  to celebrate 10 years of UXHK together.  You will have a summary overview of the learnings from all 8 events throughout the year.

We will finish with a grand celebration in person in Hong Kong at the end of 2023. 

We look forward to celebrating at UXHK 2023 with you all.

Celebration Messages from Past Speakers & Attendees

Mike, China
John, Hong Kong
Noriko, Japan
Richard, Taipei
Whitney, New Jersey
Gerry, Melbourne
Cindy, Hong Kong

About UXHK

User Experience Hong Kong (UXHK), founded in 2011, is an annual learning event dedicated to bringing all product and service design disciplines together, from research, marketing, design, technology and the business to name a few, who are interested and passionate about designing great experiences for people and business for a better world for all.