Interview with Josh Seiden

Josh Seiden

1. Tell us about you?

I'm a UX designer living in NYC. I love dim sum. Earlier this year I founded (along with my partners Jeff Gothelf and Giff Constable) a design studio in NYC called Proof. We subsequently merged that firm with another to form Neo ( a product design and development studio with offices on four continents - including Asia. It's been too long (4 or 5 years?) since I've visited Hong Kong and I can't wait to get back.

2. What would you like to learn at UX Hong Kong 2013 and why is it important you?

I'll be talking about how UX managers can cope with the radical changes we've seen in the software world in the last few years. Gone are the days of the big-bang release. Release cycles are becoming shorter by the day--it won't be long before continuous integration and continuous deployment are table stakes. So I'll be talking about how managers can respond--and about the amazing opportunities this creates for design.

3. What/who are you looking forward to see in Hong Kong?

I'm looking forward to seeing my old friend Xiao Long Bao. Beyond eating though, I love meeting designers who work in radically different contexts than I do. I always find that I learn a lot from talking with folks who work in different environments.

4. What topics are on the horizon for UX that interest you?

I've always been interested in how organizations use design. These days I'm interested in the boundaries of traditional product design. I've spend a lot of time in the last two years collaborating with product managers and software developers. But what happens when you move beyond that circle? How can you collaborate with Sales? With Legal? With Finance? I'm really interested in how you can create radically collaborative organizations.