Interview with Jeff Gothelf

Jeff Gothelf

1. Tell us about you?

I've been a piano player for 25 years, a husband for 11, a dad for 10 and an interaction designer for 15 years. I love helping things make sense -- especially digital products. I've been refining my design technique and process looking for better ways to create the best experiences. I was thrown into the Agile and Lean Startup world rather unexpectedly but was profoundly motivated by what I saw it bring to the design profession. Most recently I've been figuring out how to blend these methods together with UX to build the most efficient, productive and successful cross-functional teams.

2. What will you be teaching at UX Hong Kong 2013 and why is it important as it relates to a program of learning?

I'll be discussing and teaching Lean UX - a hypothesis based approach to UX design. It is a set of tactics that bring the designer's tool kit to the entire product team encouraging a much higher level of collaboration than most teams have taken on in the past. The result is a shared understanding amongst team mates that moves the team forward faster and focuses them on customer-driven, quantifiable insights. It is the evolution of UX design.

3. What/who are you looking forward to see in Hong Kong?

There has been so much talk of dumplings that I can't see how I'd be able to miss that. I also want to see the city. I've never been there.

4. What topics are on the horizon for UX that interest you?

The evolution of responsive web design and the process around practicing it in an efficient way is one of the main things I'm looking to explore in the future. Also, despite the inevitable downward spiral in the "defining the damn thing" argument, I'm curious about which rolls will ultimately be rolled into the overall UX skill set. There's a lot of value, I believe, in generalist practitioners.