Interview with Cornelius Rachieru

Cornelius Rachieru

1. Tell us about you?

I run a small UX consultancy in Ottawa, Canada and I co-chair UXcamp Ottawa, Canada's largest UX conference. I may be addicted to travel and I have a mean looking hat.

2. What would you like to learn at UX Hong Kong 2014 and why is it important you?

My main reason to attend UXHK is to have a chance to reimmerse myself into the local and regional UX community and be inspired by amazing conversations with individuals that look at the world differently than the way we do in North America. This is my second UXHK event (i have attended the 2012 edition as well) and the event is a breath of fresh air on the crowded UX conference circuit.

3. What/who are you looking forward to see in Hong Kong?

Dan Szuc streaking :) Also, getting a feel for how the Hong Kong UX community in particular, and the Asian UX community in general, have evolved in the past couple of years. There is so much energy and fantastic work coming from this region in many consumer segments, and I would find it quite valuable to have a better understanding how UX fits into it all. Also, the UX dumplings are pretty fantastic.

4. What topics are on the horizon for UX that interest you?

I'm finding a bit of a trend nowadays with relatively senior UX professionals reaching a sort of "UX mid-life crisis" where we all seem to be looking either at the bigger picture or completely outside of UX for cultural and professional inspiration. The sessions at UXHK 2014 resonate with big-picture thinking so I am looking forward to learning from such an amazing lineup of thought leaders.