Interview with Boon Yew Chew

Boon Yew Chew

1. Tell us about you?

I am an ex-software developer turned interaction designer currently working at SapientNitro, London. Since joining Sapient, I have worked on the interaction design, information architecture and experience strategy for banking brochureware sites, educational sites, ATM interfaces, mobile banking interfaces, and large telco websites. I have an interest in community development, volunteering as an IxDA local leader and organising events for several years.

2. What would you like to learn at UX Hong Kong 2013 and why is it important you?

I would like to keep up to date about the UX industry in Asia and Hong Kong. I am looking forward to good conversations with practitioners, learning from them and reflecting on my own growth, having been through a rough year of work.

3. What/who are you looking forward to see in Hong Kong?

I am keen on Semantic Will (tm)'s design studio workshop as well as Annette Priest's culture discussion. I am also keen to meet up with ex-Sapient folks, Marcel Takagi and Gurmit Singh. Also included are Australia + Asian UX folk Matt Balara, Calvin Chan, Shah Widjaja, Daniel and Jo, and visiting "lean" compatriots Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden. I am also keen on meeting Andrew Mayfield, who supported UXCampLondon in 2012.

4. What topics are on the horizon for UX that interest you?

I am stepping away from "core" UX topics for now, seeking to dig deeper into the fundamentals of specific design craft, such as typography. I am also reading broadly on customer experience ("The Connected Company", "Outside In") and on the topic of shared understanding ("Dialogue mapping"). Finally, I am keen on learning more about design leadership, facilitation, and design stewardship (from a client services perspective).